Dear Nick, you truly are a miracle man! I returned home completely cured, it was amazing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for liberating me from that pain. Warmest regards, Rebecca.

Rebecca Frayn - Film maker, screen writer and novelist

I've been to see Nick during my Senior Tour matches over the years and can now appreciate when I need adjustment before symptoms start. I want to keep my body in shape and make sure I can continue to play at a competitive level for as long as possible and chiropractic will help me. 

Pat Cash - former Wimbledon Champion

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I initially saw Nick experiencing discomfort in my neck and shoulder due to whiplash. After just one session, there was a noticeable relief. With each subsequent session, Nick swiftly alleviated my symptoms, ultimately leading to a state of being completely pain-free.
Tim Lovejoy - TV presenter - CH4 Sunday Brunch

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Thanks for keeping my spine in good working order, Nick!

Steve Anderson

Freelance Exec. Producer (Panorama productions and former Exec. Producer of Question Time BBC1)